Saturday, August 17, 2013


Instead of cooling down the fire, Katniss Everdeen ignited even bigger flame towards Panem. Capitol under President Snow destroyed Katniss' home District 12, and she was brought by the opposed to the abandoned-but-independent District 13 to prepare some rebellion acts. They were taking Capitol down, by making her as the symbol. The Mockingjay.

Oh, this gon' take a long time. So...

What did I feel right after? Heartbroken. Inti dari buku ini adalah perlawanan, ngerebut kemerdekaan dari kebengisan Capitol. Dan tau kan apa yang terjadi kalo orang berusaha ngerebut kebebasan? Perang. Dan tau kan apa yang terjadi di dalam perang? Orang orang tewas. Sumpah ya, gue udah susah payah ngejalin hubungan delusional sama tokoh tokoh di buku ini dan... Ya mati aja gitu. Capek hati, capek ketakutan, bahkan gue secara harfiah deg degan beneran pas lagi adegan selokan -ini personal highlight of the novel versi gue, menurut gue endingnya justru kurang nampol. Gue capek sebenernya mau bilang ini tapi serius deh Suzie,


Oh wait, I'm not finished.

One thing that disappointed me was, the death of Boggs and Finnick that felt like, easily forgotten. I mean, I know, Katniss was in a serious trouble and needed to rush out but... At least tell us more about how devastated she was about their deaths because... She knew them well. Even better and longer than she knew Rue. She sang for Rue, why couldn't she mourn even just a paragraph for her favorite commander, and her flirty-and-funny-partner-in-surviving-the-cruelty-of-Capitol??

But then again, it was okay.
Whatever you write, Ms Collins,

I adore it anyway :)

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P.S. : So today is Indonesia's 68th independence day. And Indonesia's still broken, on major aspects. Well let's just learn from Panem, government, that they needed like 75 years before people started rebelling. So you fat bastards still have like, 7 years left to work things out. Or else, see what we can do :)

Anyhow, Dirgahayu Indonesia!

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