Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cherry Blossom From The Green

This time, I’m pretty sure that I’m officially a fan of Asia’s Next Top Model. For the previous two cycles, I started watching weeks after the season’s premiere, got held back and kept watching only to know who the winner was. No plan at all, it was spontaneous and impulsive.

However for this year’s cycle, got to be honest, I literally waited for it. The premiere date was on my calendar, and the girls were exposed to me from the very first second of their appearance. And as always, the one that I noticed first when the lineup was revealed was, yes, the girl from Japan.

Her name is Barbara Katsuki

Marie and Sofia's successor. With surprisingly the exact same rank: third runner up –this starts to be very suspicious.

Like the first two girls, Barbara with her green Brazilian and pink Japanese descent ‘outfit’ outshined everyone. Well there was this American-Hong Kong girl and this French-Thai girl, but hey, it’s Japan what sipped within Barbara and nothing can beat that. And like the first two girls, again, she’s super polite. Super down to earth, speaking with this super cute minimalist English-Japanese accent… Argh!

Unique as always, polite as always, okay that’s typical. Only this time, what stood out more about the Japan representation in AsNTM, was actually the physical appearance. Out of three Japanese contestants, Barbara’s face won my heart. And her moderate height, taller than Marie yet shorter than Sofia, it’s just perfect. Plus that body of hers—oh don’t get me start with that.

Do I sound like I’m making a big deal out of her too much? Well, it’s because I actually adore her. And maybe subconsciously because I also adore Japan. In which I have plan for it, but later on, not now.

What I can tell now is,
Following the theme that I set for myself lately,
I’ll try to explore Indonesia more than anything else at the moment.

Therefore on top of Barbara, there are these two I know everybody will got my back for adoring them. Because yes, they’re from Indonesia.

Gani and Tahlia

Gani. She’s been so consistent from the very first episode and oh I’m pretty sure she’ll win the competition. Too much adoration shown by the panel, too much praises thrown from the guest judges, she’ll definitely kick those Singaporean and –especially– Filipina asses.

And Tahlia. Our Scarlett Johansson. She’s so special I don’t even know how to describe it. It was such a nerve-wrecking moment watching her on the show, seeing her up and down, until finally she was on the bottom two with Gani. Worst episode ever, seriously. And that was the point where I realized that the show is Filipino-centered, with two Filipinas holding crucial roles on the panel, and that Amanda girl always being saved.

But I don’t care.

Despite the unfair tendency within the competition, Gani and Tahlia showed that Indonesians can climb up the wall without any nationality bailout. That the fairest flower from the green land called Indonesia, can also blossom internationally.

Oh, Indonesia.
Never been this much in love with you

Images: not mine at all, I forgot where I earned it ;(

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