Monday, November 28, 2011

Let Us Know, Let Us Help

Whoever you are, you own them.

Especially people your age. Teenagers. Somehow unstable, curious and a bit silly. You guys can't stop to taste new things and along the way, choices appear. But no matter good or bad, big or small, easy or complicated... You have rights to choose and rights to obtain respects from others.

But how, if what you choose, is something sensitive? Something that most societies around you are against about. Something big, and different, that if anybody else ever know about that, feels like world collapses. Something... wrong...

Well then came another choice; choice to conceal what you chose. You hide everything. From your parents, your best buddies, your teachers, everybody. Literally everybody. You think that you better keep your mouth shut instead of being stranded by others.

So there you go. Living the fake life. You smile a lot, whereas inside, you can't run from anxiety. You act like everything's just fine, but inside, you're so not good. You feel stressed, and fed up, but... there is no way you're going to mention a single thing about who you are.

Everything are just lies and pretense. Full of drama. Like when you turn on your television, and you found out some corny TV series aired every night. Yes, that drama. Difficult, and seem to have never-ending troubles, but lame.

Why lame? Why should hiding things be lame?

Because you're all alone. You have nobody to share, nobody to run to when you're down. Even your most trustworthy person.

You're just too young. Too scared to face the incoming responses right after you tell people the truth. About how they are going to react. How they are going to treat you. How their respects and feelings toward you are going to change, significantly.

No. You won't live such miserable life, will you?

Then confess. Well it sounds harder that just saying that, but... give it a shot, pals. You have no idea of which life yours would be, better or worse, until you try coming out and let people around you know who you are.

The beginning will never be as easy as blinking eyes. Every nightmare you've been worrying about could probably happen. But keep in mind, friend, that they love you. Your friends love you, your family loves you, your parents love you. They might be hard to you at first, but sooner or later they'll get any soften. They'll approach you. They'll help.

The thing is, you start first. How can you expect people around you got your back, when they have no idea about how you doing? Don't bother thinking about who will going to leave you. Try to think about who will be staying by your side after you come out.

At least you can discover which friends are friends, and which friends are just 'friends'. Your real comrades will be there for you, lighten your burden by the vast access to share. You will be no longer on your own.

Also consider about your health. This is somewhat vital. If you just keep it yourself, then face this, you'll feel the suffer all yourself too. No matter how well you know about the virus and how slick you are to hide your pain, you still need professional touches of healthcare and social services. Think about it well.

After all, you need support. You're just too green to experience this. Too early, too fast. You might know nothing about how to deal with this. But maybe your parents know. Maybe your friends are experts in this. Or maybe your little brother are much more knowledgeable than you. Everybody could possibly help you. You just don't know.

I know it's difficult. Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. I know how hard it is, struggling and surviving for your own good. I know how worrying it is, when people come and touch even the outermost layer of your secret. I know how shattering it is, when people make fun of the thing they have no idea that you are actually belong to. I know. I'm quiet familiar with that.

I made this by myself, what do you think?

What I don't know is, which way you will take. It's now back to you, everything. Whether you want to tell the world, or some people, or just keep silent maybe? Your choice.

Just remember a thing.
You have a future, a bright future.
You have more things to be considered about.
So save your teenage dream, save yourself.

P.S. : so this writing was made to be contested. i lost, but somehow i love the post and therefore... i just let it stay here ;)


  1. mas/mbak, pake bahasa Inggris gapapa kan ya? soalnya di web nya kan gak dijelasin harus pake bahasa Indonesia atau nggak

    tapi kalo ternyata gak boleh pake bahasa Inggris, tolong kabarin ya mas/mbak, biar bisa langsung saya rubah sebelum deadline

    terima kasih :)

  2. Mas, pakai bahasa Indonesia. Di Vlog memang harus pakai bahasa Indonesia. thanks.

  3. Di Vlog VIVAnews harus selalu pakai Bahasa Indonesia.
    Segera kirim ulang ya.

  4. pembaca vivanews 99% lokal, jadi lebih enak pake bhasa indonesia saja.

  5. Artikelnya terlalu menstigma remaja dan itu tidak baik. Dan satu hal yang pasti, obyeknya tidak ada, kamu (yang disini siapa) tidak jelas. apakah pengidap AIDS/Tumor/Penyakit kelamin bisa apa saja.

  6. iya ya? waduh padahal itu sudah saya perhalus lagi dari tulisan awal saya haha. mungkin itu memang pembawaan saya saja yang agak dingin

    maaf ya kalo ada yang tersinggung... maklum masih belajar

    makasih kritiknya :)