Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More to Come

Gosh I've been so harsh to this blog. August almost ends but can you feel it? No sparks at all in this month.

So now that I'm on my grandpa's house, got a wi-fi access and blogger app on my phone, and have a spare time while umm you know, dealing with the toilet, I'm listing down some posts I'd like to publish soon after I reach home:

1. My Internship Last Day
I was too busy preparing the Eid that I really had no time thinkin about this. And since I have no photos of my co-workers and bosses, I'll post this soon after I get back there.

2. My Very First 'Takbiran' With Highschool Fellows
This one was quiet random, can't wait to tell. Kidding, it's finished! Click here.

3. The Local Battlefield
And this, was on top of all! Just write the title makes me on fire already. So I guess I'm gonna use it as the post title.

4. My Recent Future-Money-Maker
I'm currently involved to something. It's so exciting because it could be my source of income soon when I'm tired of working for someone else's company. Tell ya more here.

5. Miscellaneous
Like the BSO fourth project -which deadline was August 18, I don't know whether I'm forgiven or not- then the female singers I've been recently flinging to, and also about Schnauzer dogs.

Cool, eh? Lots of things to tell. And I hope it'll all be finished before September comes.

You know what, I ran out of poop.
Time to flush goodbye!


  1. You wrote all this while poop-ing? Haha. What about the Schnauzer dog?

    1. yea kind of haha i can't stand doing nothing while poopin. the dog? well i'm going to post something about that too haha