Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Call Me Dreamer, Maybe?

When tuning radio lately, I've always stopped to some certain songs. Well it's not just the beat, or the lyric that I'm staying there to listen to. It's the imagination of the singers, instead.

So you guys probably--well, 'must' actually...
Okay, okay, let's just start over...

So you guys must know Carly Rae Jepsen.

Yes, the 2nd runner up of Canadian Idol which single crashed most of major music charts all over the globe? The cute girl who turns out adoring a gay boy? Haha yes, her!

I only know her through two songs. First one is hers, and the second one is featuring Owl City. But then, I don't know, I just like her. Her voice is uncommon, her face looks uniquely cute, overall she doesn't look like most cocky girls I've ever seen on TV.

Also, she's looking fun. And attractive. And flexible. A kind of girl who will invite me for shots and dance wildly down the street. And do dumb stuff. And be kicked out of the bars. Haha too much imagination Vick, too much.

Well uh, I hope she's not just a one-hit-wonder.

But if she is, well I'm not gonna be worried because I have some other girl that I'm recently adoring. And she's nearby! I mean, she's from this country. So take a bow, to Raisa!

Well I'm not that fanatic anyway. I just, well you know, like her as a guy normally likes a girl. I once saw her singing in a mall but yea, I just stopped to check who was singing, smiled a bit after found out it was her and then walked away.

I happen to like her voice. It just suits her appearance. Looking elegant and not corny in all way. A kind of girl I'd like to invite to have a cute drink and perform a socialite dance. My classy girl, indeed.

Source of Carly's picture is here, while Raisa's is here.

Damn I'm wondering too much.

But if it could be real, well,
I'll be owing God so much.
But now the question is,
Could it be?


  1. Yes! You wonder too much! hahahha....

    1. yah jahat amet bukannya diaminin gitu hahaha, okay i'll wonder less then ._.