Thursday, August 9, 2012

Note Seven: Best Decision Ever

Day Thirty Nine

It's been two weeks since the last time I posted about my internship journal. Now in this eighth week, gotta tell ya, I had gone through so many things I never even thought about before.

And yes, those things, are the best path I've ever taken.
With my own consideration. My own effort. My own courage.

You remember about my decision to take the first offer as the apprentice of Public Relation? I appreciate myself for my bravery. Though I have no idea at all about that field, I kept doing what I had planned. So as the reward, I sort of knew a little bit about PR. And better yet, I met some new best buddies.
So joining the PR army, was the best option I made

You also remember about my decision to move to MarComm? That was on top of all. No regrets at all. I don't have to tell you every single detail of it. Too many lovable things to be shared.
So moving to MarComm, was the best choice I picked

Then you remember about my decision to extend my internship period, eh? I was so right about that. The only project I handled from the scratch wasn't close enough to the end, when I was still on my old time plan. Now that I extended it, I can have it finished right several days before I say bye-bye to everyone.

Aside from that portfolio thingy, last Thursday and Friday, the last two days I actually had if I stick with my previous timeline, were the worst days ever. I couldn't imagine if I have to end my internship facing those days...

Hell yes. I went through some bad days along my extension. I was there when my bosses were busy with themselves, when my fellow apprentice were a bit more popular than me, when I was absolutely stuck by the bottom of the wheel. This was priceless, the lesson I earned.
So prolonging my internship period, was the best deal I took

Therefore I suppose you remember about my decision to fight against the new apprentice? No doubt, I shouldn't not do that. Now I know a bit about her capability, and the fact that her strengths aren't something I have to be jealous about. We're good in our way, in our own skills.
So facing the rival of mine, was the bravest thing I did

Five more days 'till I packed my stuff out of that office. I'm not feeling well, actually. I mean, my emotions are blending. I even sense that this post is dull -with most word selections are common and cliche.

But the thing is, I win this game.
I beat my own laziness, unlock some cool potentials I never knew I had.

Now you remember about my decision to pass my holiday
And take a long long long internship program instead?
Well, this was better than having a vacation.

So accepting the challenge of apprentice,
Was the best decision ever

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