Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Way Out For Our Nation

Today on TV. I oversaw something interesting. Something catchy. Something about Indonesia. And its attempt to get developed.

You ever heard some other nations' tourism tagline?

The sight of Singapore is from here, India's scenery is from here, and Malaysia's from here.

Those are sticking in minds, don't you think? They use a few words, with unusual selection and combination, and brought with an ear-friendly jingle. What a smokin' good strategy.

And yeah, I guess our nation's trying to do the same.
Now let's get ourselves used to announce

"Remarkable Indonesia"

Yes. Remembering Asian's recent potential in, anything, the whole globe now aims their shits on us. And our Indonesia's joined the track.

But different from those three, Indonesia's approach in this "Remarkable Indonesia" is not tourism. More to economical business or something, nah I don't understand. I personally dislike it. For me, tourism is far beyond selling. At the end we earn income, yes, but at least we also sell our value.

And word 'remarkable', umm... It's strong. It's different. But for me -again- it's just not us Indonesian. Each nation is remarkable. Singapore is remarkably unique. Malaysia is remarkably Asia-ish. India is remarkably... Well, India's 'incredible' case is somehow similar to 'remarkable', but at least the words are both started with letter 'I' and that's the essence.

Haha I'm now acting like a pro. Seriously, don't take it personally. I'm just stating my opinion about 'remarkable'. But I'm sure that the word selection must have been done by experts and, we just have to leave it to them and their strategy then.

But speaking of strategy...

I don't know whether I, am the one who's closed somehow I never even heard anything about this campaign, OR the campaign itself is not that significant. But to be honest, this was the first time I catch the ad. The promotion strategy's still low, I guess.

Alright, alright, I'm doing it again--judging and criticizing. I'm stopping now and let's see the bright side: Indonesia's eyes has finally been opened. It's time to go down the battle. Join the war, and try to win something.


Let's see if we can get something good from this.
So basically, whatever way you wish, government, whatever.
Just make sure to get us out of the current misery


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    1. Baru baca comment ini, udah excited gitu kan panjang tulisannya tapi ternyata cuma iklan :'(

  2. bukannya selama ini tagline yang dipake 'wonderful Indonesia' ya? malah tagline ini dipake bukan cuma buat iklan, tapi juga nama anjungan Indonesia pas ada expo2 di luar negeri.

    1. Nah iya! Buat tourism nya, Indonesia pake "Wonderful Indonesia" buat ngeganti "Visit Indonesia" hehe. I'm so gonna post about this soon enough! ;)

    2. And here it is >> http://rifkyramadhan.blogspot.com/2012/12/they-heard-me.html