Tuesday, September 11, 2012

As-Salamu Alaykum, Liverpool

The new season of English Premier League have been rolled for four weeks already. But umm, yea well Liverpool, again and again, haven't found their pattern yet. Alright alright, I ain't gon' talk about that. I'm not that capable to discuss strategies and techniques.

So here and now, I'm about to share about how more excited I am about Liverpool lately. Most of which is caused by the joining of these two players.

I got the picture of Assaidi from here, and Sahin from here

Other moslem football players, and they're joined to my fave team!! Oussama Assaidi was bought from SC Heerenveen by the new manager Brendan Rodgers. The 24 year old Moroccan guy is given number 11. 

While Turkish player Nuri Şahin is loaned by Real Madrid for umm, a year if I'm not mistaken? Yea just a loan. Unfortunately a friend of mine -a girl, shockingly, whose knowledge about football is a hundred times wider than me- informed me that the contract with Madrid is somehow closed, means that Liverpool can't propose a purchase of Şahin after the loan ends.

Too bad for him. If I happen to be able to contact him, I will infect his mind to stay. "Mou's just not interested in you," I will tell him. "You just see, you were there for a year only. Finally been able to make friends quiet well with Oezil already, but he loaned you away..."

Yea well, skip it. At least now for this whole season I'll cheer louder for Liverpool. About next year Şahin be back to Madrid? We still have Assaidi, people of Allah Almighty!

Hey wait, I'm not yet finished. I got another reason for loving Liverpool more and more. You know what, one of the club's sponsors is Garuda Indonesia Airlines!


So. Damn. Cool. Seeing one of our proud brands digitally hang around Anfield Stadium... That's just priceless. All hail and long live, moslem and Indonesia!!

Now the burdens are all on you, Reds.
Just, don't make me love you because of those reasons above.
Win the game, that's the best deal

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