Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Note Eight: Farewell

Day Goodbye

A friend of mine once told me, several days before our summer off ended, that when we had something to do by the time we were off studying, going back to campus would be a suck thing to do.

And that's just so right.

I've done my internship period weeks ago. Said goodbye and thanked everybody there, from the Public Relation Aspect to Consumer Communication Aspect to the Media Communication Aspect to the agencies I was interfered with. It was so hard, yet exciting because finally I would feel the true holiday.

Until today, I went back there to drop the report I was required to do. And they still welcomed me like I was still working there. So warm, so fun, so supportive.

Ah, goodbyes. I never liked farewell. Especially to a place where I once said it was the best choice I've ever picked. Saying goodbye, for me, is a total awkward. And writing it is a bunch of wasting time.

So yeah, I'm done with this post and stuff.
I'm done referring myself as an apprentice.
I'm done being treated as an underdog.

But I'm not done keeping the memories.

From left to right, Bu Niken, Pak Tim, Bu Litani, Kak Sonya the secretary, you do know me, and Pak Matthew

Now it's time to face the truth.
Say hell-o again to campus life

P.S. : Too bad Bu Norisa wasn't there on the photograph... She's like the boss of the bosses of mine, and it feels like awkwardly impolite without her. Sorry, ma'am ._.

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