Friday, May 16, 2014

Who's Getting Older Now

Hey blog, what's up?

Long time not talking to you. Well, actually I been too much posting lately but did you realize? I was talking to the readers, not you. So by this, before we all got too carried away, I'm dedicating my time, and my post, to talk with you, my dearest blog.

So. Best, friend...

You might have been wondering, why I don't seem to be interested in... Getting a job? Wha--you seriously thought that I'll be forever living my childhood, too afraid of jumping in the professional world like what I've always been afraid of all these years??

No, I'm not! Unless yes, I'm scared. But no I won't forever be trapped in my childhood, although yes, I want to be forever young but--okay. Now I'm talking to myself.

But hey, blog, I wanna confess something.
That I, actually sort of joined to a temporary project
I call myself as a, well how do we say it... A part-time job?

Don't get mad, it's not something that big. I took this project simply because I needed the money. You know it wasn't easy to fly my ass to Philippines. And you know that I won't forget sharing every single baby step I take to build my life, don't you? Sweetheart?

So ya that's also why I'm here.
Because today, I got an interview.

Don't you see how big this is to me? A real, professional job interview! Like what I've always seen Rachel Green doing! I'm one step closer to the real world! I'm growing up! An adult! A responsible adult! With a family, and obligations to pay taxes, and three other persons I have to support! That's right where I'm heading :)

So today I went to the office.
Interviewed by an expat and her subordinate.

Got that now? First interview ever.
With two people asking. Using English.

I either should be proud, or crying for how complicated the first interview was, but to be honest, I enjoyed it. The interviewers were easygoing, we laughed and stuff -is that supposed to be a good sign?- and I might want to consider the interview as a regular-laid-back talk! Also the field is in my competence. The topic is totally my interest. The money, well we didn't discuss the money because, I'm not yet sure anyway.

Ya, the current project I'm having now is not yet to be finished until next month. Yet those people is urgently in need of a new employee. So it's not a good situation to me now.

But ya, there are plenty of clams in the sea.
It's not that I'm rejected tho, they loved me instead!
Well, that's what I sensed along and after the interview...

I'm okay. I have been, and I will be.
Getting older's fun, so far

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