Friday, February 6, 2015

90s Strikes Back

It's been almost two weeks since I returned from Hong Kong.

I know, I owe you stories but I've been pretty busy with my other project--that's why I kinda abandon this blog. But I have something I really can't stand keeping anymore. It's about the group I met during my trip. These cool people whom I had this hiking adventure with, down to cliff and through the woods, in an island called Tap Mun.

Well I don't know where else to run but here so I'm gonna spill it here anyway. It's seriously kinda weird and might be WTF for those people so, I hope they never find out about this post. And hey guys if you happen to bump into this post, please, before you go on, leave at once!

So there were the eight of us. Five boys, three girls. With the jungle-ish setting and wild fantasies of ours, everybody started talking about scenarios we could possibly play, from "Lost", "The Walking Dead" to "Hunger Games". As a 90s kid, I, on the other hand, drove my mind straight to Digimon Adventure.

I completely forgot where I got this pic but the thing is, it's not mine.

You know, one of my favorite anime during my childhood. Well, it's not just "one of my favorite", it's what made me I am today. The whole cartoon is still so relevant to me I mean, if you want to open a dumb discussion about Digimon, I really can do it like right now.

So yea back to my team. Eight of us were on our way from the cliff back to the harbor, racing with time because we have to catch the boat. We were like taking a detour in the middle of the woods, directed by this French guy named Fred. Okay he's one hell of an adventurer so we counted on him to lead us back using shorter route. He then subconsciously became our leader, and lineup of who was who suddenly appeared in my mind.

Tai - Fred
The leader. The one who's so eager about adventures. The one that will most likely be the last person alive in a zombie apocalypse. Or in our case, in digital world. Fred and Tai are just so alike. He leads our way out of the jungle by using his own map, and that's what Tai did for their whole adventure.

Matt - Calvin
One of our leaders. He could stand up to take the role of the head of the pack, if it's not about surviving in the wild. He plays music, and so does Matt. And by that time, he was hosting me it made him frequently look after me. A familiar scene in which Matt protects his younger brother T.K., yes?

Sora - Sherry
Sora is the girl of adventure. That's what I saw on Sherry. And both are the eldest girls of their group. At first, those reasons are not pretty strong to me. But when I realized that Sherry and Sora have the same hair style, nobody can change my perception anymore.

Izzi - Kit
The only pure local, made Kit be the one with the most knowledge about the Hong Kong (compared to others). Sounds so Izzi? Not until I found out that his CS profile was the richest of us all. Which roughly made me assume that he's so active in cyber world as well. Sounds so Izzi.

Mimi - Zoe
Mimi was, damn cheerful. She was a happy-all-the-time type of girl, and that's what I thought about when I see Zoe. But what's more coincidental was, Mimi was a year younger than Sora, and two years older than Kari. By that time Zoe was 25, Sherry was 26 and Emily was 23. How's that?

Joe - Ray
If you're a fan of Digimon Adventure, you must remember who was the only one who brought food to the digital world, yes? Joe. And guess who brought most food for our hiking trip? Ray. Aside of that major serendipity, Ray was also calm, wise, more action than talking which all resemble Joe's personalities.

Kari - Emily
Emily was the youngest of all the girls and she's my age, so that's the first reason. But I'm not finished. She was also the last one to join the group before we head to Tap Mun, making her so much alike to Kari which was the last digi-destined. Don't you like all these "OMG IT MATCHES!" things??

T.K. - Vicky
Well I was the youngest one of all. So was T.K. And Matt is T.K.'s brother, which on the time being, Calvin was my temporary brother because I stayed at his place and I was basically counting everything on him. More (stupid) reason? Well, I wore a beanie, and T.K. did that all the time.

But on top of all, did you remember the true ending of Digimon Adventure? Yea, that apparently T.K. writes every single thing about their adventures, on his book. He's an author. And would you care to guess what I am right now? :)

This shit has just got real.

I know this weird obsession is, weird. But I can't help it!!! I'm all about Digimon and those too-real-to-be-true things are, TOO REAL TO BE TRUE!

You know what, rumor has it that this year there'll be a continuation of Digimon, highlighting the original eight characters. Well, after more than a decade, I finally get to see them again. And let's see if this coincidence still relates to the cartoon. I can't tell.

What I can tell is,
I don't want to wait for a decade
To meet these people again.

Oh no,

I'm not talking about the cartoon characters.
It's about those crazy silly Hong Kongers which,
I'm so gonna meet again someday, somewhere.

Because we're destined

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