Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Witnessing a History

Just this morning.

I saw something dramatic, something intense.
Something people won't forget for a plenty of time.

Because it was mind-blowing.
And I'm not just saying that.


First, the scoring was bicycle-pants tight
Liverpool first, then Spurs, then Liverpool again and so on.

Liverpool's first goal by Lazar. Pic's from here.
Spurs' first goal by Harry Kane. Pic's from here.

Secondly, Gerrard equaled legend Robbie Fowler.
For 183 Liverpool goals, now both sharing crown at 5th place.

That's our Captain Gerrard. Pic's from here.

But things got a lil rough, a lil more intense
As Spurs leveled and almost ended the game draw, in Anfield, again.

It's Mousa Dembele, who almost ruined my whole day. Pic's from here.

And all of the sudden, Super Mario rocked our world
Scoring his first goal ever for the Premiere League, and saving Liverpool's ass

Definitely wasn't the MOTM tho, but still, he was sick. Pics are from here and here.

But the highlight of the victory was,
Seeing these boys hugging

Pics are from here, here, here and here.

And realizing how that scene made my heart melt.
I know I love them now

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