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Remember two months ago--three, sorry. Remember three months ago, I was still working at the office, and I kinda abandoned this blog even though I have these three big things that I usually would've posted it one second after it happened if I have time? Well that's a long and complicated question okay I'll make it quick. Remember this?

Yea on that post I promised I'd tell you things about The Hunger Games, Citra Pariwara 2014 and something about Neverland. Well I did make a post about Hunger Games. While the Citra Pariwara, I believe it's too late so let's just let it go and live only in my memory.

Now about the Neverland thing...

You know how much I love Peter Pan's world. The idea of staying young forever, impeccable. Years after years, I've always wanted name Neverland to be associated with me because secretly, deep inside me I still have this childhood dream to be able to find Neverland.

And so I changed the name of my blog. From famous, to the start-all-over again I lost most of my blogpal, I lost track of everybody who pays a regular visit to my personal diary. But it came worthwhile as my current blog is still pretty noted.

Then I feel like it's not enough. Blog can't completely represent, me. I felt like I gotta make a bigger thing so people will directly think about me once they hear name 'Neverland'.

That's when my business started.

Itinerary Organizer

Well, you might find it uncommon I mean, what the hell is Itinerary Organizer you obviously just made it up Vick! Frankly, yea, I just made it up. And it seems to be logical tho, organizing itineraries for people who wants to travel, and, get paid.

It was launched on November last year. I was extremely packed that I never thought I'd skip telling you, blog, about this new business. But that's okay, by that time it was still on trial. And was still in the form of a blog. I brought it up today, because I'm taking my business to the whole new, much more serious and professional level, as I made the website to

Nothing to lose. That's my principal for the business. I mean, I didn't spend money on this, only my time that is sacrificed. And creating itineraries is one of my hobbies tho, so, if this works - and I'm pretty sure it will - I'll win big time.

Then I can get to buy toys,
Candies, rides, junk foods, soda,
And the most important thing will be
My childhood dream

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