Monday, February 9, 2015

In Summary

Ever since I made a book of my own,
I never stop scheming for more projects.

Like, if I travel here, what can I write to sell to publishers or editors? Ya lately it's always been like, let's sit down and think about the value I can obtain from each places, then go. If nothing's precious, find somewhere else! Starting from months ago I always made myself sure to always bring some stories back home from a trip. And to be honest, I even have like six to seven rough titles for my next books.

Including Bali.

It's been like forever since I want to release a guide book about Bali. Because, well, I fond for the place. It's not that I've been to every place in Bali, but I'm halfway there tho. Spent most of my time in the south, went once to the east, even crossed to Gilis, I'm sure I'm halfway there.

And just a month ago, I extended my vocabulary of Bali.
To the place I never thought I could make it through.


Sky wasn't that good tho, but still, it was sick

Shit. Sorry to pick that word, but seriously, shit. I never expected to go there. An island far far away from Bali's touristy place where everybody travel to. The place that is so empty, you won't even think that it's in the so-called tourist-hectic Bali that you've always known!

But I did, somehow. And it was sickly amazing.

The closest settlement to the island is Pemuteran. And from this little town, the underwater wonder is beyond compare already. I snorkeled like, three times? Well I forgot but exploring lives below water surface in here, that's just the thing I'd proudly brag to my kids in the future.

Pemuteran and things I found down under

And now the Menjangan itself.

Frankly, I'm speechless. It's past midnight now as I'm typing this post, but that's not the reason why I'm losing words. It's because Menjangan's just worth the silence. Words can't exactly tell what I experienced, even photos can't do. You have to actually be there, to feel the grandeur of our authentic maritime life. And choke yourself to panicky as you start mumbling in amazement, saying good things about your God, and the frikking salt sea water suddenly flow into your snorkeling tube--yea it happened to me.

I won't say much about what it's like under there. I went to Amed, I went to Gilis, I went to Philippines, and Menjangan was better that all three of those combined.

The best I could get from Menjangan ocean floor

I said it already to all my other social media assets. That Menjangan has officially been the highlight of all my Bali trips. I mean, if I meet some other traveler who asks me about Bali, that sacred name will always be the first thing coming out of my humble mouth.

Because it's that great. It deserves the exposure, the spotlight and I'm not exaggerating. Menjangan summed up everything about Bali.

I'm not finished.
With Bali, I'm not finished.
The Nusas will be my next stops.
But whatever happens there, really,

Menjangan will always be my thunder

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