Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service

After Lancelot's death by parties unknown to the Kingsmen, Arthur assembled his agents to find candidates for a replacement. Galahad, while in search of who's responsible for Lancelot's death, came with Eggsy, a bright distracted young man with potential, as his choice for the vacant position. As the journey to find the best successor takes place, Lancelot's true killer Richmond Valentine is scheming a destructive mind-blowing plan for mankind.

What did I feel right after? Well, before I start, I'd like to make a slightly little change. Usually, the review section of a movie I just watched will be written in Indonesian. Starting from this post, it'll be all in English so please, be fancy.


What did I feel right after? Mixed. It was entertaining, yet also gore. I hated how human bodies are easily chopped off in this cheerful world of Kingsman. But then again, it's brought with a happy approach so I was amused anyway. Three brief highlights; Samuel L. Jackson. I've always liked him because to me, he's always been a good man in a movie. Now that in this one he's the asshole, I hate him. Hats off to the man tho, because he can turn a fan to a hater. Then Colin Firth. I'm in love with him. Since Nanny McPhee. Yea, because of his British accent. And here in this movie, with all the suit and umbrella, damn, marry me! Last and the best, Sofia Boutella. From the first second of her scene, I, fell, in an instant love, with her. She's so fvcking gorgeous! And flexible, if you know what I mean. She's like the version of Rachel Berry I'd love to adore, rather than slap. Think I have a new idol.

After all, the whole story was great. It was not a typical action movie with typical villain motives. Trust me, Valentine's plan for the world, it's smart, it's out of the box, and I'm 100% sure that there's a little voice deep in your heart saying that you actually agree with him, and hope that his plan could someday be realized in our world :)

I'm kidding.
But not.

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