Friday, July 6, 2012

Note Three: Transition

Day Fifteen

Today was my last day in Public Relation Aspect. Well umm, I asked my boss to switch me to the Marketing Communication Subdivision for a better learning of mine. But you know, right when you have a chance to obtain something, sometimes you need to let go of something else.

I'm in love with the place I was put. Those people, uh, they're just too amusing to be skipped. It was just three weeks but I feel like accepted. They said that I was too fast, stopped working there already. Some of them even suggested me to extend my internship period there haha.

Anyway if you notice, along these three weeks, I kept talking about the people. See that's why I requested to be moved. I made friends already, now it's time for me to sharpen my knowledge about marketing or better yet, advertising.

I know, this wasn't the end. I'll still be in touch with them. We even made plans already to catch some movies, go to karaoke studio, and break fast together. So this replacement, I hope it would be a precise decision.

Transition will always, always be difficult. For me.
Especially when I have gotten used to the current situation. 

But you know

Right when you have a chance to obtain something,
Sometimes you need to let go of something else.
I hope this'll be getting way better


  1. intinya, selagi muda, perbanyak pengalaman ya. :)

    1. hehe begitulah maksudnya... mau dapet ilmu ataupun nggak, yang penting udah pernah ngerasain suasana kantor hohoho