Monday, February 11, 2013

City One: The Praised Child

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Five days of cultural transmission

My single-fighter-twelve-days-trip started from the city. First impression, the airport wasn't as cool as Soekarno Hatta's Terminal 3. But after I took a bus to KL Sentral LRT Station, I shut the fvck up.

Have you watched a drama of a poor child and rich one, switched at birth? The poor's raised by the rich family and grow to be the bad ass, while the rich's taken cared so so by the poor family and soon will be bullied by the poor child and can't fight about it? Yea well along the trip, that's the scenario I've always played in my mind. Malaysia's the poor, and Indonesia's the rich one.

No wonder why Malaysia enjoys annoying us. They are actually not as rich as Indonesia, but they know best how to manage what they have. It makes them a nation worth to visit, and I did enjoy my trip there. Although I was alone, I still can survive because information is easy to obtain, and most people speak English.

A longest night market, weekly in Cheras
Genting Highland
Batu Caves
KLCC - Petronas Twin Tower
KL Tower 
Bukit Bintang

And the locals, man, they're so up in the air. I stayed at my Chinese friend's boarding room, his name is David, then moved to my other friend's house, a Malay named Hazwan. Then again, I also spent much of my time with my other Chinese friend named Joseph. And the three of them, are impeccable. Best services, best helps as well.

But the best part I liked was the one where we shared about culture. Like how there are so many words in Indonesian and Malay that literally similar, but have different meanings. Or about Jakarta and its famous traffic jam. Or about local foods and snacks that apparently have so many similarities. God! It was soooooooooooooooooo fun and priceless.

After all, I love Kuala Lumpur. I love how it could let me wander around it, even I was just traveling alone. Aside all what Malay had done to us, I still adore the city. Tidy, structured, not as strict as Japan tho, but still, way way better than Jakarta -and Bangkok.

But one thing I couldn't stop thinking,
Was the one with the mighty question of
"Why the hell can't Indonesia do the same?"


  1. Were you at Bukit Bintang on a Saturday? I swear that's you but wasn't

    1. Yes! Haha I was wearing black shirt, brown pants and blue backpack *how cool am I, still remembered about that :p*