Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Beautiful Lady Stand Before Us

This blog, I must say, people might get bored reading it. Because umm, on the last six posts, it's all about my trip to Malaysia and Thailand, and the last one is about that Japanese model I'm currently adoring.

But it won't stop there.
I'm continuing my fascinated thoughts about fascinating woman from the industry.

This time, a local touch again.

The original image is from here, I just edited it a little bit to fit my blog ;)

You know her. International standardized celebrity with highly, highly national oriented values. And lately, she's all well known for her appearance as the host and the main judge of Asia's Next Top Model.

And it's so proud making.
Like she ruled the game. Other judges that are from other nations obey her. And all the contestants who come from countries in reality, are better and more developed than Indonesia, bow before her.

So proud making.
Like even when the contestant from Indonesia got eliminated, I didn't really care because no matter how, Nadya will always be there until the end of the show. Until comes another cycle.

Proud making.
Like on top of all, on the finale, she wore kebaya for the final judging. In front of multinational people. In front of Tyra Banks.


Yes I'm proud of Indonesia.
And I love Indonesia. As well as I
Love, Nadya

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