Tuesday, February 12, 2013

City Two: The Land of... Freedom?

Bangkok, Thailand
Four days of self discovery

I flew to Bangkok after KL. It was a culture shock actually, haha. People changed, sense of currency changed, way to live changed, and stuff. You saw many mosques and heard prayer calls around KL and now, all you've got to see are temples.

Yes, temples are all around the city. Even in malls. You can pray everywhere, if you want to, and nobody bothers. You can come and see others praying, and nobody bothers.

I visited like tons of temples. It was like a spiritual journey for me. Haha no, kidding! I'm not converting to Buddha. But yaa along the visit to the temples, somehow I explored this potential of myself where I turned to be a shy-less guy.

You see, I was alone. And to have a picture of myself with the best sceneries, I've got to ask people to take that right? Yea that's what I meant by shy-less. I didn't care what people thought about me being only with myself, I just need some photographs :p

Night market in Thammasat University
Student's dorm at Asian Institute of Technology
Taxi boat on Chao Phraya river
Grand Palace
Wat Pho, Temple of Reclining Buddha
Silom - Sukhumvit

And once again, what I liked from this trip was the people I met. This time, they weren't locals. It was my friend whose dorm I stayed at, a Tunis guy named Sadek. Such a fun guy, talkative, insightful, tricky and somehow, moslem. We shared a lot about our similar interest and it opened a lot about my mind.

But the best guy is Rin. A forty something doctor, Filipino decent from US. He's married, but free as a bird. He was even visiting Bangkok without his wife knowing that. I adored this guy, a lot. Some of his words are way too hard to understand, and too much -seriously, he talked a lot- but I learned so much about myself from him. At last, I considered him as a mentor haha.

GOD! After all, it was that free in Thailand. It's beyond just a religion choice. People can dress whatever they want to dress, think whatever they want to think, be whatever they want to be. And just the time you think what people do is inappropriate, stick to this phrase:

"But again, it's Thailand :)"


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    1. I know! Four days were not enough at all :( I'm so gonna go back there