Wednesday, February 13, 2013

City Three: The Best Closure

George Town, Penang
Three days of calm and prosperity

After a wild, hectic life in Bangkok, I flew back to KL and then took a bus straight to Butterworth, Penang. Another indescribable experience, I must say, because it was a night bus and then I had to take the ferry so early in the morning to the island.

But that long, exhausting journey to get to the city was all so worthed. You know why, because George Town is a paradise for, uh, how do we say that... Yeah, a peaceful seeker.

It was a small town, clean, quiet, with a few number of cars, as well as the pollution. The tourist spots are close one another and for me, those are all in a walking distance. If I want to take a bus around the city, they have this free shuttle. And if I want to go somewhere out of George Town, other buses are always available and you can ask anybody on the street about how to get there!

Read the board :p
Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah 
Kek Lok Si Temple

And Chinese New Year was so close. I still had lots of ringgits and yeah, I supposed it was the time to start being prosper. So I stayed at a dorm booked from the named Roommates. I ate more expensive foods, I didn't care anymore about the money I've been strict about since the first day of my trip. It's all about self welfare.

The best part, was the CNY evening. I was invited to have a Chinese dinner with a local Penangite, ate steamboat with them and spent some time with their families. Finished? Not, yet! After that I went to the Esplanade to attend this CNY countdown event!

Ferry and its wind
Ms An Lim and her lovely family
When this happened, I almost cried because on the next day, I was going home :')

Yea and that was all. George Town and its tranquility. I loved all those three cities I visited, but for this one, it's more than just love, I guess.

Now I know why George Town's called as a World Heritage.
I can't describe it, I just know :)

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