Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scrubs Hopes Up A Little Shine

It's always been my habit when I watch back-to-back episodes of a TV series, then I started to like the show and couldn't seem to control this hunger of watching. It first happened long ago when I watched Cougar Town.

And it happened again after I watched Scrubs.

I didn't realize that until I stared at the show for four episodes in a row, four days in a row. Until I began to idolize John Dorian. Oh, sorry, Zach Braff.

See in Scrubs, he plays J.D. quiet fun. That quirky personality, that day-dreaming habit he's got, and that endless narration voices in his head, I'm picturing myself when I see him. Well you know I'm not a doctor and I'm not publicly shown for my quirky side but aside of that, he's just so me!

Now... It's always been my other habit. When I see some familiar celebrity faces on TV, then pops in my head about where these celebrities had appeared before, that I end up browsing IMDb and there fulfilled all my wonders. I did that to Braff.

Before finally I realized, and narrate to myself...
I knew I had ever heard his voice somewhere before.
And yes I had. In Chicken Little. As Chicken Little himself. Itself. Himself!

Damn it's always been my other, other habit. To envy voice actors whose lives are fun enough even without have to voice cast. You know like Tom Kenny possesses Spongebob Squarepants. Like Tom Hanks owns Sheriff Woody. And Tom Kane wields Darwin the Chimp. I've always been into voice casting!

Now that the Z.B. guy plays the role I'm thinking as similar to me to,
And he fills a character from the industry I'm forever in love with,
And better yet, on top of all, he's a voice actor as well...

I'm officially a fan of Zach Braff.

Little's picture is from here, while Braff's from here

It's always been my habit.
To idolize people with odd reasons.
Well there's no harm in day dreaming, tho.
Because the end is still far from near

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