Sunday, September 8, 2013

Henshin, Homeland Kids!

I loved it today,

When finally I could wake up early in such beautiful Sunday morning, and had the chance again to feel the euphoria of enjoying cartoon marathon. I can't ever deny that, I miss my childhood too much.

And so today, when I was on the marathon track, something kinda cool distracted me. It was like a tokusatsu, but the faces seemed local. Oh yeah, you nail it! It's our Japan based live action superhero serial named

Bima Satria Garuda!

Recently I read and heard so much about "Bima". But I didn't really notice what kind of Bima it was, because it didn't really interest me. But now that I knew that Bima is the Indonesian version of Kamen Rider, well, it had me applauded.

Well yeaaa, it's not purely made by Indonesian. The idea is totally adapted from Japan. But it's not a copycat okay, because the film's produced by MNC working with Ishimori Productions, the one who made Kamen Rider. Now at least there are some Indonesians trying to learn how to produce such things, so sooner or later we can stand on our own effort and generate our own genuine ideas.

And I happened to see the serial a little bit. It's so, so Japan tasted. The costume, the dialogue, the expressions, the setting, the plot. What makes it different is, the hospital drama haha. You can't call it Indonesian TV drama if there's no hospital scenes. But I don't care. At least they don't sell crappy stories. Local kids now can feel what we felt in watching tokusatsu.

But what made me touched was, they used the sanskrit name Bima and our sacred bird Garuda as the name of the hero. I seriously give no fvck to any other part of the show, if apparently they copy all the concept and the episode plots from Kamen Rider and apply it to this, I don't give a fvck. At least they're trying to introduce Mahabharata universe to children, and that's what matters.

At least now there's a more proper show for children to watch.
At least now those useless romantic serials can slowly be replaced.

At least.

You notice how many "at least"s I used, do you?
Well yea this nation's just too unfriendly for children to live in.
So simple things like this, simple things like the real entertainment for them,
Can at least help them feel 90s childhood


  1. gw ga pernah nonton si bima itu sih.
    Karena gw ga mau menggantikan posisi Satria Baja Hitam dengan si Bima

    Lo berdoa supaya bima bisa ngegantiin sinetron? hahaha....doa lo kayak daydreamin anak muda

    Salam kenal btw

    1. Emang gak seoke Baja Hitam dan gabisa langsung gantiin sinetron sih, tapi lumayan lah buat hiburan anak jaman sekarang. Paling nggak jadi bisa lebih seimbang antara tontonan yang beneran buat anak anak, sama tontonan sampah yang bukan buat mereka :)

      Salam kenal juga.