Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baby Imma Rock Star

"Spent this whole day enjoying supermodels at VSFS and recording stuff for my Soundcloud. Feelin like a rock star \m/"

I tweeted that thing yesterday.
And now I'm telling the whole story.

It was an idle day yesterday, and you know I'm still under euphoria of enjoying fancy girls from watching Greek and 90210 -I'm gonna post something about Ivy Sullivan soon, remind me!- back to back every morning on Star World.

So I was on this urgent need to see some beautiful crafts, and I spontaneously thought about tons of VICTORIA'S SECRET Fashion Shows I never finished watching.

Dashing. Seeing them walking down the runway one by one, I felt like a top notch musician having my days off and deciding to attend the show, just to browse some hot chicks. It's like Adam Levine grazing all girls before he finally ended up with Behati.

He's got his choice, I got mine.

It's Adriana Lima.

Picture's mine, I took it myself. Haha kidding, check here.

Done seeing angels, I returned to my business: music. And by returning to music, I meant I logged in my Soundcloud account to upload some recorded covers I did earlier. The account was created long, long ago but since I didn't have enough guts to let universe know my skill, I kept pending it. Since yesterday.

And for you, my fans, who wonder about why on earth did I, all of the sudden, signed up to Soundcloud... It's because I can't hold it much longer. I do rap. I can't sing, but I rap. I'm still learning, but I rap. And I just need some place to spill it.

So give it a shot, to my Soundcloud.
Let me know if it ruins your ear drums.

Now that the public knew my potential, it was actually the time for me to give a brand to myself. You know I like Pitbull and you know I love to wear shorts. Wha--you don't know? Okay, I love wearing shorts.

It's so nice to have some dreamy life as such.
At least it distracts me from how harsh real life is.
Although if I turn to be a real musician, and date a model,
It'll feel less harsh, I'm all sure

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