Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Knew It

Months ago, when I was still in search of an internship program, I convinced myself that I didn't have to be worried because somehow, on May 17th, some good news would come to me. I don't know why, the date has always been so sacred to me. I can't recall what had happened on previous May 17th. I could just sense it.

But that's not what I'm going to share now.
It's about the fact that I was totally right guessing.
A call from BBDO on May 17th 2013, yea it proved it all.

Since after, I stopped worrying about internship. I stopped following up McCann -whom apparently, is the best agency now in Indonesia. I didn't even change my mind knowing that Ogilvy would only accept me if I took the 3 months long program -while I only had 2 free months for internship. It's like, I fought my best to keep BBDO as the place I would learn more about advertising. I was so sure that I'd obtain something beyond my other friends could get from their agencies.

And again, I was right.

It's not because I got more knowledge than my friends,
Not because I earned more money -I didn't even get a cent,
Not at all because I was offered a permanent position at the agency.


It was more because I completed this vision, this belief,
Of how the professional world really works.

It kept bugging me lately. About how finally I have to leave college. Leave the phase where twice a year, I can get the hell out of those regular activity and do some fun stuff like, go solo traveling. Leave the freedom. To a monotone working shift where weekends are my only holiday. Where coworkers can easily become my arch enemies. Or already become ones, without me knowing it.

And no one will ever going to be there to help me, but myself.

I'm not ready.
So not ready about it.

Now you know Andy Davis.
The kid from Toy Story trilogy.
We share many things in common.
Grew up together, terribly in love with toys,
We even went to college on the same exact year.

Image of Andy is from here.

Right now, he must've been facing the same issue with me.
I wonder how he reacts about this

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