Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What Local College Needs

Have I told you that in this last term, I only have one sit in class?
Well if I haven't, so yea, this term, I only have one sit in class.

It gives me enough time at home, working on my last assignment,
Sit in front of my laptop, in front of my TV, and watch this serial.


It's like what had always happened to me, against TV serials. Watched one episode, turned out to be back-to-back ones, enjoyed several other episodes, continued watching the following days, and the next thing I knew, I'm in love with Ashleigh Howard and wished the worst for the loser Rusty Cartwright.

But what got me attached so well, yea as you might guess it,
Is the damn exciting wilderness of fraternity slash sorority life.

The never ending party, spring and summer break schedules and all the slacking off parts, it's what I've always seek my whole life! And aside the savage part, there's always been some formal occasions where the frats meet the sororities, dance slowly and get to know emotionally to each other. And no matter how formal it is, there'll always be "hook-up" and "get wasted" time as the after-prom.

There's also this competition. Between Kappa Tau Gamma and Omega Chi Delta, Zeta Beta Zeta against Iota Kappa Iota, ahh even just mentioning those Grecian names turned me on already. So yea it's like high school all over again. One frat attacks the other, fight for potential freshmen in the rushing, hold their unique initiation and stuff. It's always my call to be a part of one thing, and fight for it, and keep the pride on my chest but, I never get the chance to be a part of such thing :-/

Oh but the best part will be the seniority. I'm always on fire when it comes to hierarchy. Once you're the freshman, you'll have older men got your back. And once you're the senior, you'll always have innocent kids to do all your duties. And don't start talking about pledge brothers. There'll be some serious bromance inside my peer.

And to make myself more pissed,
Fratbros live inside the same house. The frathouse.
It'll be like, party in each seconds of my life, don't you think??

Read their tagline. I'm dying to join them.

I'm starting to sound very weird.
Seems pathetic, but I envy American college.

Well I hope I can go on with my studies in the US.
And I hope they have these Greek system for master degree.
Otherwise, in another life maybe?

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