Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Local Warming

So the day I was anxious about had come.
The day I referred to as my runaway, yea it came.

Yes, the day I meet my idol again.

Skenoo Exhibition Hall
September 1st, 2013

Can't really tell you how I exactly felt. This was his third time coming to Jakarta, and my second time coming to his gig. My friends didn't really expect him and even had no idea that he planned to come again. It also meant that, no one would ever be going to the concert.

So I don't care.
I watched it anyway.
Alone again and that was okay.

Unlike his second concert which was started around 9 and ended before 10, this time, the whole concert was much more humanized. We queued at an air conditioned hall, sitting, sequentially entered the main hall and only waited like one hour before the show started.

8 PM, music played, lights dimmed, bands started performing and boom! There came my all-time, top notch, irreplaceable idol. I knew I watched him before, but once I saw him on stage yesterday, it felt like my first time. I yelled, I chanted his name hysterically, I was like a male groupie.

He sang like every single hits he hit. His original songs, his songs where he got featured within, some popular songs as the bridge to his main songs, AAARRGGHH I DO LOVE HIM!! Funny thing was, I'm sure I was the only one who rapped with him. Other people, who stood in front of me, hindering my way from my idol, acted like his biggest fans, only sang the choruses which mostly done by featured artists. I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO MASTERED THE RAP!

And people glanced at me for that. I didn't really know, and care, what they were thinking about. But I'm sure it was either how could he do the rap?? or perhaps the contrary. Shut up, you stupid hoe! We're trying to enjoy Pitbull here! But what can I do, people?? It's just my nature to rap along Pitbull's songs. And I paid to feel the concert anyway, so the songs and the stage were half mine.

On some level of the concert, I stopped singing and just rolled my eyes to where that guy moved. The beat, the rap sensation, the lighting, the fvckin smokin hot dancers, the Armando Christian Perez...

I adored that guy.
I do, wholeheartedly, adore that guy.
I realized I wasn't just acting like a fanatic fan in front of my friends, these last three years.

But I, really am a fanatic fan of Pitbull.

After one hour and fifteen minutes, he got off the stage. People kept screaming "We want more, we want more!" but I knew, he wouldn't be coming out again. 

So the hall started to be clearing off, and I started to get near the stage and saw if I could bring something home. Earlier on the concert, Pit threw his recently-wiped-to-his-bald-head hankie right to my spot. But my hand couldn't stretched further and I failed several centimeters before a male scum bastard ass snatched the cloth right before my very face.

So yea once again, I only got a playlist paper.
Even a bule staff of his couldn't get me the towel...

Well then I returned home.
But no, I didn't feel down...

The concert really opened my mind about how I actually idolized Pitbull a lot.
People know that I like him, people turn to me when it comes to Pitbull.
The guy's all about me and it's just the other way around, vice versa.

But I just never realized that this thing is real deep.
Feels a bit dramatized eh? But no, I really mean it.

Then came the question, "How was Pitbull, Vick?"
"Rocked my night." I answered. "And I'm sure he'll be back soon.
Even if apparently, he's holding another concert tomorrow, well friend,

I'm so gonna see it again."

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