Monday, September 2, 2013

Check Five: The Runaway

We're halfway there.

We're halfway there,
But I needed a temporary escape.

So I went to Bali with my friends. My family. Friends. Well whatever, they're just as good and as close as siblings to me so... Anything will do. But overall, the trip was really like a runaway to me. Runaway before campus starts again, with runaway foods and beverages to run away from reality. If you know what I mean :)

And then yesterday, like yesterday, I attended some concert. Well, I prefer calling it a sanctuary. Because it was Pitbull's. Again. I know I watched one, two years ago but... Was it enough?? No! Even after yesterday, I realized that I can't get enough Pitbull's songs. And his dancers.


Several steps away to New York.
God, please make it work.

Now I'm back to the cirque

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