Thursday, September 5, 2013

Overseas Submarine View

I have a Filipino friend.

On some aspects, we share lots of similarities. Love traveling, citizens of the capital cities, which automatically, make us similarly hate the metropolitan traffic jam, love cats, and The Hunger Games -this is the best part that I like from him! Once, we were subconsciously counting how many tributes died when from afar we heard fireworks cracked- and we both majoring communication science.

But there's one thing that differs us from each other.
That in traveling, he also visit places his country possesses.
And one big goal that he had in mind for his next trip, will be

Diving with whale sharks, in Donsol

Pictures of Donsol above and under water, obtained from here.

And he wanted me to join.

I swear, I was interested--no! I am, interested. See the vast sea of water and the rocks, those are the scenery I'd love to see in my next trip to Halong Bay (wrong, apparently I bought a ticket to HCMC instead...). And the idea of swimming with sharks... Well to be honest, I guess I have this phobia of beholding bottomless water.

Like on my last trip to Bali, I was snorkeling with two of my friends. It was fun until they returned back to our resting area, leaving only me and the ocean, then I did the snorkeling all alone. I kept swimming and swimming as long as I could see corals below me, but once they're gone, poof! I started to breathe hard.

Now diving in the deep sea. You see nothing around you but blue color, getting any darker and darker once you see your sublevel. And there'll be this gigantic fish near you. I can feel the panic attack already but... I'm curious! Underwater mystery makes me curious! Outer space makes me curious! Dinosaurs, time machine, Grecian myth, those make me turned-on-ish curious! I'm curious like that monkey George!

In summary, I'm thinking of visiting Philippines.
I know, Indonesia must've owned something like this.
But now the problem is... I don't know where it is!?

Well I'm sure if I really go there,
I have this thing that'll keep bugging me:

So he can make me want to visit his aquatic wonder.
Now how can I convince him visiting mine?

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