Saturday, November 16, 2013


You might be wondering where have I been, eh?
No? Ahh too bad, I prepared A good long story for that.

Hell no, kidding.

I've been pretty occupied by Whiskas. Yea you know my situation. It's D-31 due the thesis submission deadline and chapter four drove me crazy already but, I can do it MYSELF of course. I produced some print ads and other cool stuff I honestly want to show all in here but, maybe later after I graduate? :)

So. Basically this post is just a taken-for-granted one because I only made ONE post along November. There's no particular thought or experience I want to share now so...

Oh I do have one!
Today everybody left to Singapore.
It's only me now at home, with six cats of ours.

I never been literally ALONE at home. And there's no historical track in my family that they go traveling just the four of them, without me. Well I just got home from US and I have this purple thingy to take care of so, I have to let them go.

Now the interesting part is, as I told you, that I'm alone.
But that doesn't seem too desperate for me. In fact, I like it.

Woke up early to wish my family a fun trip, chilled inside the air conditioned room watching The Mentalist -seriously, lately I been exposed by many serials that turned out to be so entertaining, talk about it soon, fulfilled my curiosity watching some Bermuda Triangle documentary, spent the whole morning singing to MTV, bought some random chicken black pepper that turned out to be extra yummy and ate it while streaming Naruto, took nap while the TV aired Lilo and Stitch, wasted all afternoon down to the evening watching Hell's Kitchen, The Apartment, America's Next Top Model and Miss Universe 2013 -I honestly have no idea whether I should be proud of watching these things or not.

Well the point is, as you might guess,
I seriously enjoyed this total LONELINESS.
And to make it complete, it rained most time of the day.

It's just me getting to know and hangin out with me,
Talking, judging and having intense discussions with myself,
I might just gonna marry you, Vick

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