Friday, November 1, 2013

Took Me All The Way

It ended yesterday.

You do know what I'm talking about.
The best time of my entire life so far.
A moment I never expected to come. 


How couldn't it be not the best?

First of all, dad was having his 50th birthday. A special number not just for him, but to every single member of this little family of ours. It was just a day we all together realized that, in no time, dad -and mom- will start settling down, and there'll come our time, the kids, to take control the life business. Crazy.

Also, I finally finished the pain-in-the-ass Mirai Ocha task -although on some level, it was all majorly done by my teammates because I left them... ごめんね、皆さん :(

And for the whole month, my mentor made it smooth for my final assignment -the Whiskas stuff. It's now down to the last complicated chapter, and one complementary part to finish. Should I say I can't wait for the trial? No? Of course not, I'll regret saying it...

But the best part, as you know... Is USA.
Want me to tell about that all over again?
Haha don't worry, I know you're tired.
It won't feel good for me anyway.

Yes, because I still haven't completely moved on.
And I'm tired of keep thinking about it, honestly.
But umm, can I say just, this one last thing?

"I'll be back there, somehow.
But for this trip, I'm done.
So memories,

Safe flight!"

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