Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Recently, as you might all noticed, there are tons like TONS of TV series genre-ing action with stories of crime investigating. You know, CSI, NCIS, Cold Case, Law and Order, Rizzoli and Isles, la la la damn! So overwhelming.

And lately, as I told ya, I been distracted by these two out of many of them -well you know it's always been my habit to instantly 'fall in love' with serials I only watch like in several episodes. If I happen to watch all those serials at least two episodes each, maybe I'll spend the rest of my life watching TV.

And they are

Picture of Jane's from here, Logan's from here.

Okay. The Mentalist and The Listener. Both are exciting, both are sit-still-and-keep-watching making. Both are crime based stories, both are revolving about murders and both have the female protagonists who are somehow more firm and fighting-capable than them. Both, are identical. To each other.

Yea they're just too similar sometimes I wonder, who copied whom?? So I made up my mind and picked one of them as my favorite. Can guess which one? Let's hear my thoughts first.

So the main character, Patrick Jane and Toby Logan, both can read minds. Although some source refers Logan as somebody "with the ability to read minds" while Jane as somebody who was "previously employed to 'read' minds."
Spot the difference?
Yes. Patrick is a pure, skilled mind reader. He detects crimes using psychological point of view and traps victims by manipulating minds. The way his mind works, the way he sets suspects up to be confessing, sometimes it's just mind blowing.

Now Toby. He has sixth sense. He observes through 'extra' visuals others can't see. The facility helps his team finishes cases much faster and of course, easier. Yaa for me it puts less pressure to the serial. Interesting, still, but not nerve-wrecking.

So... Can you now guess which serial I like the least? Bingo! It's

Picture of blah blah blah's obtained from here. Boo 'em.

Got to admit, the serial's light and fun.

But a writer joining some detective unit to help investigating crimes with some excuses of making a crappy novel, that in every single cases becoming the one who can decode every single clue, making him the one who everybody, even the best detective depends on him? What the hell??? I don't like how Toby Logan works, but at least he's a part of the institution yet Rick Castle IS NOT.

Phew. Glad to let it all out.

I'm wondering why I acted so intense toward Castle--oh I know! It's because he's a writer, interested in crime, can write about crime and make it for the living.

I'm a -soon to be- writer, or copywriter yea whatever, interested in traveling but umm, still have no idea whether or not can I write about traveling for the living.

Stupid jealousy.
Hope this doesn't lead to
Committing crime

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