Monday, November 18, 2013

That's The Way It Is

So I call this blog "Neverland".
The land where age stops counting.
The place that promises eternal youth.


The outfit says it all.
Fully animated yet simple.
Disney-ish with some Peter Pan quotes.

But the content seems like it's ruled by some newly post-adolescent, standing on the verge of being mature. Not yet an adult, but definitely no longer a teenager. Well as a matter of fact, I am actually on that level.

But it's just, against the value of Neverland.
I gotta make some youth touches in this blog.

"The only way to feel again your childhood,
is by doing, watching, listening, sensing all
the things you sensed, as a kid."

Watching eh?

I think I know just the right thing to do.
Sit back and enjoy what I'm planning.
Local kids my age will feel what I feel.

Oh speaking about local,
I think I'll be using Indonesian for this.
You know life was much simpler back then
When the only English word I always knew was


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