Sunday, November 17, 2013

殆どそこに - Almost There

Let's update about my Japanese skill.
Anybody's dying to know??? I do, I do!

Since next year or so I'll be going to Japan -AMEN O LORD ALMIGHTY, I been working my ass off to master how to speak Japan. I bought the textbook, I watched Naruto like everyday, reinforced myself with a dictionary, got to admit I began to know some words, how to use it and... I still can't speak Japanese.

So I asked to myself, where did I do wrong?
Apparently, it's because I skipped the basic part.

手紙 - The Letters

Yea stupid me, I started everything just knew some Japanese letters. I constantly forgetting certain letters it made me lose my will to get to know what words those are forming and at the end of the day, I earned no progress.

But call me Vickette if I quit so soon.

For the last four days, I gave myself an intense letter-memorizing-session every night. It was identical to common student studying at night with books and papers everywhere, trying to memorize some math formulas or historical chronological orders by writing it down time and time and time again.

A note I made to easily memorize katakanas.

To be honest, the method was kinda helpful tho because now,
I know each and every single letter of both Hiragana and Katakana!

So next stop: Kanji.

Okay, that's just it. Told you it'll just a brief update.
Now if you excuse me, Vicky needs to learn some kanjis.
Or should I call myself, フイキ ?

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