Sunday, January 12, 2014

Family in Crime

In the world of crime investigation serials...

Cliche says that each unit highlights one main character -mostly male- with their own specialties -reading minds, possessing sixth sense, writing, etc- doing crucial tasks only with a co-star -mostly women- leaving the rest of the group stranded and seem unimportant, appear only to be ordered this and that by their bosses.

Luckily, I found one unit that's developed quiet different from what I described above.

We call it NCIS.

Original NCIS casts, picture's from here.

First of all, I'm talking about the group consisting of Jethro, Tony, Tim, Abby and Kate. Not Ziva, but Kate. Well it's not that I hate Ziva -I just dislike her- but honestly, it's because all these times I've ever only be exposed by the first two seasons when Kate was still around. But no matter how much I'll soon be exposed to Ziva, I will always prefer Kate.

Okay enough talking divas.
Now let's get down to business.

NCIS. Well this group, as how I adore it, is balanced. Everybody carries different important roles, and seem to appear as much as each others do. But one thing that I like the most, is because this unit is alive. They bond. Hierarchy exists, of course, but it doesn't necessarily make them act awkward to each other.

Like Gibbs. Treats all his agents like his own kids. Everybody respects -and sometimes, is scared of- Gibbs but that doesn't stop them from being easy and spoiled in front of him. And Gibbs sees Abs like a daughter. Abs is the only one who acts loose towards Gibbs although sometimes she has to shut her mouth up when Gibbs shows the signal of "Abby, focus!".

Tony is reckless to his fellow agents. He fights all the time with Kate, and feels superior towards probation agent McGee. McGee likes Kate. Kate cares about McGee. McGee adores Abby. Abby matches McGee. Kate is a best friend to Abby. Ducky treats both girls like daughters. Gibbs respects Ducky and never be mad to him and of course, to Abby.

See, everybody shares a warm relationship with everybody. The bond's just so strong, even when they're apart they act like they're close -one that I like is that Tony, named his pet fish "Kate" although that woman has gone for like 9 seasons before. Everybody loves everybody.

It's not just a unit, it's a family.

I know as a real human being,
I'm totally not a part of that fiction group. 
But as a viewer, I feel like a part of their family.
It sells more than the crime itself

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