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End of Group B: Fvck


I just don't know what other word to say.
Because that's what I kept saying during the games.

End of Group B


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You know when it's the last match day of a group stage, both games between four contenders are aired at the same time. It's meant to keep all teams from losing their will to fight, but to me, it means the drama gets doubled. And of course to feel that, I have to watch both. So enter the week where I turn on two screens at a time. Yes, I'm that freaky.

So, Group B. It's been a hell of a journey for all of them, eh? Two giants, one Asian star, and one underdog whom apparently powerful despite having no luck in winning the first two matches. The last match day of this group saw an opportunity still opened for both the European giants, and Iran. And that's why this ending would become really dramatic.

And it was a real SPOT-ON decision.
Despite the twice-more screening-hassle.

Honestly, I wanted Iran to proceed. Be it with Portugal or Spain, I don't care. I hate both so it's no use to pick who I'd like to fail anyway. And my fellow Asians did play good, too! They got robbed first by the end of first half -I’m so mad but it was a good goal by Quaresma so... yea- but that’s all! Overall they did good defense that Portugal made no other goal, good attack too that Portugal found it difficult to finish as the winner.

Then the craziest thing happened at the second half. Ronaldo, as usual, pulled his “OMG I’m fouled” trick -this is what I really hate from him. He is a good player, really, but I just can’t stand his drama. Between him and Messi, whom I hate too by the way, I prefer the latter because he’s damn clean! The referee decided to review it on VAR, and congrats Portugal, it was a penalty. Of course Ronaldo took the chance. He hit the ball, and... NO GOAL OMG FUCK I SCREAMED SO LOUD REALIZING THAT THE BITCH’S DIRTY GAME FAILED ALLAH KNEW BETTER WHO TO HELP! An Iranian GK, named Ali Beiranvand, whom apparently a runaway kid from Tehran, blocked a freaking PENALTY KICK FROM THAT RENOWNED CRISTIANO RONALDO! Swallow your pride, star, you’re a Messi—you remember the opening match of Argentina against Iceland right??? It felt the same, ONLY MILLION TIMES BETTER BECAUSE THE STAKES WERE HIGHER! Phew, okay let’s move on... to the other match.

The phenomenal block! I swear I never screamed so loud before. Pic's from here.

Morocco, surprisingly, played freaking awesome too. Well, not surprisingly, because it was quiet obvious from the beginning. They were only unfortunate by conceding an OG when against Iran, and lost against Portugal -which score was only 1-0 anyway, so it was still really good! Facing Spain, they were like beasts, and they scored the first goal! And guess what made this feel even better? Because it happened thanks to Ramos’ error. It was the first, it was nicely executed, and it was taken from Ramos feet and scored in front of his face! SUCK IT YOU FOOL!

The moment I believed Ramos began to get the karma he deserved. Pic's from here.

It wasn’t long until Spain made a comeback. Moroccan meddled defense was taken advantage by Isco, and there’s the goal for Spain. HOWEVER, Morocco made another comeback! Oh God, why did they just show their power when they were already unqualified??? After a series of attacks, they scored one more goal through En-Nesyri’s header and BOOM, gone are Spain’s hopes.

But you know I wouldn’t highlight these matches if it just ended like that right?

With this situation, Portugal and Spain would go through because they originally just needed a draw. But entering stoppage time, Iran were rewarded a penalty due to Portugal’s handball. Fuck. I didn’t see this coming man, IT WAS STOPPAGE TIME FOR GOD’S SAKE! Some guy named Karim Ansarivard took the chance, looking so nervous, AND I WAS TOO OH GOD THEY’RE MY FELLOW ASIANS AND MUSLIMS! It was really a knee-shaking experience, because the odds were obviously against Iran but PRAISE ALLAH ALMIGHTY THE PENALTY WAS CONVERTED! Iran was now the group’s runner up, sharing the same points with Spain but less conceded goals!

An unexpected comeback from Iran. I swear I never once felt so enjoyed
watching a match full of penalties before. Pic's from here.


As Iran were preparing for the penalty, Spain -I don’t know what kind of a lucky charm had Ramos been using for the team- made another goal through Iago Aspas... HOWEVER, as the Spaniards were celebrating, the linesman was apparently raising his flag—yes, baby, IT WAS A FREAKING OFFIDE! Oh my God I swear my heart just popped out of my ass and now it’s back. Iran just scored their penalty I couldn’t imagine unimagining them on the next—HOWEVER!!! YES ITS STILL ON NOW YOU UNDERSTAND WHY I FIND THESE GAMES CRAZY RIGHT?! Spain couldn’t just accept it they convinced the referee to review the VAR and so he did, and... oh God I swear it was only two seconds but it felt forever.

The goal was given.

And that’s how I lost my faith in rooting too much for a team. Within seconds, Iran’s chance was gone... Oh, Allah. Seriously, why? They would proceed if Spain's goal remained declined. Their successful penalty and the decision of Spain's goal happening on the very same time, just because both relying on VAR, IT WAS CRAZY TREMBLING! But frankly, it really was entertaining. Not a fan of the result, especially looking at those Iranian players in tears oh God sometimes I hate watching football because of this... but again, it's the match that matters. The whole games were unbelievably unexpected!

And this was just the second group.
There are other big teams on other groups,
Waiting to show some fvcking good dramas.


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