Saturday, June 16, 2018

Match Four: Equally Strong

It's only the tournament's second day.
And the fourth match of World Cup 2018.
But a big battle already took place in Russia.

Portugal vs Spain
Group B

Two men that stole my attention that night. Pic's from here.

While others are debating over who will win this match, I'm arguing with myself over who should lose instead. Yea, it's the battle of personal emotion to me. Because it's between Portugal, the nation whose main hero is my all-time loathed guy, and Spain, the team whose captain played really dirty against Liverpool's dearest treasure in this year's crucial Champions League final.


I'm trying to be professional here. All emotions aside, I think it was a game well done. Especially on Portugal's end. Or should I say, Cristiano Ronaldo's end? Because darn, it's quiet obvious that the team is still putting all the responsibilities on his shoulder only. It's good that he was on fire that night. Can you imagine if he wasn't? If Portugal's constant god of un-luck came around to shower his misfortune over the team? Not only will Portugal lose to Diego Costa's dominance, but the blame will be on Ronaldo. It's a pretty risky situation for the guy, actually. He wins, he wins it all, he loses, he loses it all. Nothing in between.

And I guess it's pretty unfair. Portugal needs to learn to survive without the icon. It's his fourth World Cup, for God's sakes, and if they're lucky enough, he'll still be around for Qatar but I think that's all. No more for 2026. Portugal has to find a way.

Now about Spain. Well, I don't have much to say for them. I think they're not in their best shape. Because to only get a tie with 10 men against one Cristiano Ronaldo? They could've done better. But they can't be blamed. They just had a shocking coach replacement only two days before the kick-off, so... it's quiet clear that the adaptation played a major role to the team's performance. Plus, at the end of the day, it's statistic speaking. 3-3 only meant that both teams are on the same level.

Also, I didn't quiet mind for Ronaldo taking the highlight and praises after the match. Because he was that good -and I'm tired of hating him, duh, 2010, 2014, I should grow up. As a matter of fact, it's quiet nice to see Sergio Ramos being pissed. My hatred towards him is still fresh that even though eight years ago I was one of his supporters, this year I desire to see him in grief -and if God allows, it'll be by Mo Salah.

Well it's proven.
My hatred for Ronaldo,
And for Sergio Ramos now,
Is equally strong

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