Saturday, June 16, 2018

World Cup 2018: The Prologue

Let me start the hype.

But before I rambled too much about details of each match like the last World Cup -big matches are lining up the first four days of this tournament already!, I'll first explain some introduction to the World Cup 2018. No, it's not for your information.

You guys must've already known all about what I'm going to spill in about 2 minutes from now. I'm actually doing this so the future me will still have clear vision about what was going on in Russia this year, that it eventually turned to be one of the best World Cup he'd be seeing so far.


To begin with, I think, the Russia World Cup 2018 is probably going to be one of the quirkiest one I'd witness. I'm talking about the participants.

The Absence of Big Teams

Believe it or not, there are literally not only one or two, but MANY big names that failed to qualify for Russia. The most shocking of all, of course, would be 4-time champions Italy, and other European giant Netherlands. I mean, wow, it was unbelievable especially for Italy. I remembered when I woke up that morning, to hear that Gli Azzuri didn't make it to Russia. Kinda heartbroken too, because it was supposed to be the last ever for the iconic Gianluigi Buffon and several other notable veterans.

Just when I thought that Russia would be less fun without those two, I discovered that the US didn't make it either to its rival-nation. This is somewhat a waste, remembering that they were so remarkable in Brazil 4 years ago -I won't ever forget how Tim Howard made me feel like I had a football-orgasm every time he played. But the bigger waste came from Africa, where Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, South Africa, and 2014 rising star Algeria, all trembled and failed to fly to Russia. In exchange of these big teams, many unusual names filled the spots.

Interesting Newcomers

When you don't see some names, it's because there are new ones coming in, right? It's really refreshing to see teams you don't usually see in at least the last two World Cup finals like Poland, Sweden, Peru, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia -and I can't say I'm not excited for those four Islamic nations! Learning from 2014, where lots of underdogs shockingly sky-rocketed themselves throughout the cup, I'm really looking forward to see these teams playing! Especially Egypt, since the world is really waiting to see the magic of Mo Salah.

Though those teams aren't always qualify for World Cup, they had tasted the euphoria of the world's biggest sporting event before. Unlike these two, whom are totally new in World Cup: Panama, and Iceland. It's quiet surprising to see Panama appear in the groups of Russia 2018. They are usually only known as one of the best in beauty pageant competitions but now, they're about to show the beauty in football! And Iceland, well, Iceland. It's their first time in World Cup, yes, but one wouldn't doubt it after their fantastic performance and shocking Quarter Final finish in Euro 2016. Of all the contestants -though my support is with England, it's actually Iceland that I'm psyched to see the most!

Mediocres Ready to Blow

It's the World Cup. Each team strives to be the best, and it's not a guarantee that big teams can proceed easily to later stages. Belgium with Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku, as well as Costa Rica with Bryan Ruiz and Keylor Navas, bringing their confidence from Brazil 2014 Quarter Final finish, will definitely bring awesome fights to Germany and the rest of those big teams. Not to mention Colombia and James Rodriguez who reached the same stage 4 years ago.

Then we'll have Switzerland and Xerdan Shaqiri, along with Nigeria and John Obi Mikel which reached the second round in Brazil, and then Poland, Croatia, Australia, South Korea, and host Russia, of course, ALL, I'm sure, ALL OF THEM, will unleash their crazy selves!

Well, well... only by writing this already makes me uber excited for all the 64 matches of the cup. Some had finished, and it successfully forced me to start writing again for the sake of enshrining the euphoria of Russia World Cup 2018 in this blog! Although I'm sure, I'm pretty sure, this time I won't be as active as I was 4 years ago.

Zabivaka says hi to us all! Pic's from here.

But enough about the prologue.
Let's get it really started!

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