Monday, June 18, 2018

Match Ten: King Down

Another big match I kinda waited.
Because it's between the reigning champ,
And one of the rising stars from Brazil 2014.

Germany vs Mexico
Group F

Pic's from here.

I have no particular interest in either team. Well, I tend to be more on Mexico's side though, because, again, back in 2014, they showed that they were a team worth considered about. While Germany, duh, they're the champion from the last World Cup. It's obvious that they're technically above Mexico, so why bother having one more support from an insignificant Indonesian guy? Haha.

But the goalkeepers from both teams are the main reasons why I was looking forward to this game.  Remember how the quality of goalkeepers were surprisingly amazing and entertaining four years ago? Yes, Manuel Neuer and Guillermo Ochoa were among them and they were actually the first that came to my mind when I discovered that Germany will be facing Mexico on the opening match of Group F.

And I was right. Of course, I was right. Strikers from both teams attacked like wild dogs, that both Neuer and Ochoa were pushed like crazy to their edges. But unfortunate to my big brother -Neuer, because we ridiculously share the same birthday, he got robbed while Mexico was counter-attacking and Hirving Lozano assisted by Chicharito claimed the only goal that sent Mexico winning. Germany tried to get back, but Ochoa being Ochoa, showing that he still got what he had from Brazil, the attempt led to nothing.

Two reasons why I was looking forward to this match. Pic's from here.

Though it was only an opening match, and only one goal ahead -well, not only, one goal is a big struggle why did you say 'only' you nonsense rascal?? it felt like winning the cup for Mexico when the final whistle blew. They flooded the pitch in joy, applauding like there were no other matches to do left. Well, it's worth celebrating of course, giving the fact that it is THE champion that they took down.

It's like, when playing the chess.
And you finally take the queen away.
You're not the winner yet, but at least soon
The king will be bowing down

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