Friday, April 9, 2010

A Day For My Future

it will be on sunday. yes, sunday. all my hard works will be proven. hard work? had i worked that hard? well, i don't know. for me, i've done my best to prepare for sunday. succeeded or not, that depends on what God wants.

but after all, self-confidence is what i do need.

like Barrack Obama said,
"Yes we can!"

or one of characters of naruto series, Might Guy said,
"If you do not believe in yourself, hard work is useless..."

and as a friend of mine once had said,
"Kalo kata gue, vicky sih bakalan masuk UI lewat jalur apapun."

self-confidence. i'm sure that i can make it. study hard? done. pray hard? done. but once again, it's only the matter of destiny. whether God will give me that or not. but whatever it is, good or bad one, i'll accept it.

please wish me luck. not only me, but also my whole friends that i really want them to study together with.


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