Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mothers I Like, Fervently

I don't know where to start.
I don't even remember if I had ever shared this.

So here's the thing. I'm just twenty but it doesn't prohibit me to put an interest on somebody older than me. Umm yes, I'm in love with a lady. No, I'm in love with ladies. These ladies.

Blame mom! She forced me to download all series of the Desperate Housewives that I can't stop myself to watch each episode she's done watching before I planned to delete them. Now that I like them so much, I'm still keeping the files...

Anyway, you met the main housewives. Bree Van de Kamp, Lynette Scavo, Susan Mayer and Gabrielle Solis. I like 'em all, I love the bond between 'em.

One thing, there's this wive I idolize the most. One of minor wives, Edie Britt. She's not nice, she's somehow slutty. But she's funny. Random and wild, more like a clown of the pack if she's accepted among other wives. And she's actually caring, well as far as I follow the show. Overall, her appearance is one of my longing.

But keep this in all your minds.
I'm just happened to adore them.
Just an adoration, for crying out loud.
Nothing more, nothing less ;)

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  1. desperate housewives..great drama full of dramas..

    1. yeah drama. and scandal. and intrigue. and secrets...

  2. Natasya Andrea PutriJuly 15, 2012 at 7:34 PM

    Question : Would you date them if you could?

    1. Answer : According to the tagline "nothing more, nothing less" I must say that I may not be dating them. Overall I'm just adoring them and that's all heheheh

  3. Replies
    1. shortest comment ever with lots of meanings, especially beneath that smile heheh