Thursday, July 19, 2012

Note Five: I Belong Here

Day Twenty Four

Earlier this week, I drifted off my last stop and started my fifth week of internship as the Advertising and Media Aspect apprentice. This has been my major dream, far before I applied to the program. And I must say that, yeah, it came true.

Feel how it is like to be on client's side, that's what I wanted to explore. And so, all I ever done this week were somehow client-ish. First day went dull yet things went so much better by the second day when I was asked to join some meeting with Proximity.

Third day was full of new stuff. I learned how to make calls, follow up things, request some job orders to the agencies, go back and forth to the internal studio, coordinate layouts and designs, edit what the agencies gave to my team, proposing the final artwork and approvals, and things.

But actually, the peak happened today. Aside all those works, my new colleague Pak Timothy invited me to join him supervising some video shoot for video contest at some celebs workplace. Nah, I was so not interested to meet these celebs, I was more eager to see how the shooting went instead.

Now tell me and be honest. Those sounds technical, eh? But I don't know, I enjoyed these. So much that maybe there are some possibilities of me extending my internship period.

And on top of that, my new supervisor is the best boss I've ever met. Bu Norisa's just so instructive, having no hesitation in giving me tasks and responsibilities I have never done, and... Gorgeous. Yeah, she's chic.

No doubt, I guess.
This is my place.

P.S. : The day after, it went so so. Not as hecticly-pleasure as the previous three days, but there was this presentation held by GREY agency. Those name cards, were what I was grateful that day about.

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