Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Note Four: Readapt

Day Eighteen

What's so special about today? Well, it's the only day off I will ever felt along my internship period. Plus, today's the middle day of the middle week of my overall seven weeks of internship. Geez, I'm halfway done already...

So umm, as I told you on the previous post, I've been transferred to the Marketing Communication sub-division. This week I'm under supervision of the Educational aspect. You know, it's like the advertising but subliminal. They introduce products and services through soft ways, such as advertorials, magazine for priority costumer named 'Prioritas', soundings and information from facebook and twitter posts, and also Gebyar BCA.

I must say, the readaptation's not done yet. Next week I'll be moved to the aspect I've been ever longing for, the Advertising aspect. Can't wait for that and I hope I'll obtain what I crave from that place.

Weird, eh? I'm like a corporation pervert.
Jump from one working unit to other ones.
However, this is getting more exciting because
I learned more than what I expected

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