Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweetest Couple, So Far

June and July.

I don't know, I've always liked these months.
Summer. College off. Vacations. Mom's birthday.
These are like months for me to actualize myself.

But, uh... I guess this June, this July this year
Have been the best ones I've ever passed.

It all began with my trip to Singapore. Weird, eh? I mean, it's just Singapore already. Well, wrong. The trip was unforgettable for sure. It was the official opening trip of me, going abroad with no parental help. And you can't just underestimate the timing. It was right after I finished my hectic final test week. A complete confection, I tell you.

And then, you know, I started my internship on June. Things didn't start quiet well at the beginning, but everything got better and better. I made new friends, opened my insights about professional world, socialized with the best bosses. So damn exciting. Even hunger and thirst of fasting could barely be felt because I was too happily busy.

Blessing showered my blog too. Although I didn't participate in some significant contest, people kept coming to pay a little peek on my writings. This should be a major big step for me, so thank God! I just can  keep hoping that people won't get bored of what I write.

After all, the bestest part of these two months was the one dealing with the advertising world. I can't stop cherishing those moment of linking myself to some cool guys on the agency. I know, they didn't even care about my existence. But at least I made an effort and they, sooner or later will find out that that kid they were introduced to, which is me, is the best copywriter they ever recognize.

Sweet. Just unbelievably sweet, so far.
Well, I must say that phrase "so far" is greatly emphasized.
Because I know, this was just a start

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