Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hey there daily visitor!
Well, if any...

So if you wonder, today I've been doing some changes to my blog appearance. You know it's 5 years old already and I guess it's just time to rebrand this stuff. I've even been thinking to change the name of this blog. Apparently, personally, naming this blog with my own name is not quiet selling.

But this gon' be a major transformation for everything like, everything.

Everybody knows this blog as rifkyramadhan blogspot, not anything else.
Every blog buds linked my blog to rifkyramadhan blogspot, not anything else.
All my life, all this time, it's always been rifkyramadhan that I ran to, not anything else.

It's risky I know, it's emotionally challenging.
But something inside tells me to

P.S. : Wish me luck :)

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