Monday, July 15, 2013

Check Two: Final Paper Outline

It's outdated. Again.

Like I teased ya earlier, I've been so busy dealing with internship stuff. I never thought it'd be like a real employment because at first, my boss didn't seem to accept my skill but--

Well well well, look who's got a little bit carried away here?
Tell you guys about this copywriter stuff later,
I have something else to report in here.

So last week my two friends and I had this outline trial for our final paper. It's me, Vanessa and Putra, joined to Team Nadia. We were so nervous at first but the trial turned out to be just like a light discussion filled with minor revisions and feedbacks.

The trial chief liked my outline. She liked the structure. But yea, as a first rough step, there are many  parts I have to work on to make things better.

Oh, it's Whiskas anyway.

The brand I'll be dealing with for the whole next semester.
So yea, my dearest blog, and all of you who reads my blog,
There's a big possibility that I'll bring Whiskas to your life :)


Several steps away to New York.
God, please make it work.

And I'm so done with the outline quirk

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