Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Excitement Over Sadness

Kemaren bos copywriter gue, Mbak Oni, ngajakin gue buat ikutan recording di Mampang. Kebetulan gue udah ngerjain ini iklan dari awal banget, dari brief pertamanya baru turun sampe bikin script dan milih talent segala. Jadi ya gimana, mesti ikut sampe abis toh?

The field trip, I must say, was really, really inspiring and insightful.
I learned how a recording studio works, and met some cool people.

But the highlight of the moment was, of course, the voice acting part.
Hm. Voice acting. For you who don't know, I'm dying about voice acting.
I'd jeopardize my whole career if I can easily be a successful voice actor.

Anyway talking about voice actor. Talent pertama, hmm, ternyata bukan talent pilihan gue. Gapapa, masih ada tiga lagi. Dan dia gak se-yang-diharapkan itu. Jadi bukan salah gue dong? Fufufu. Talent kedua, ketiga dan keempat, sayangnya, bukan orang orang yang gue pilih. Tapi sumpah gue gak ngerasa sedih karena, tiga tiganya voice actor pro.

Pertama dateng Imam Darto. Gak begitu berkesan sih, tapi gue akuin doi oke banget ngisi suaranya. Luwes, cepet, hap hap hap langsung beres. Trus datenglah Arie Dagienkz. Yang ini seru banget, banyak cerita, seenaknya ngaduk ngaduk script tapi gapapa, kadang emang itu perlu sih. Bret bret bret, beres dengan riang gembira.

The boss, and one of the Dandees.

Dan yang paling berkesan adalah Fla. She did it professionally, she made it quick, she showed excitement about the ads and the script -I took part in developing it, remember? So I'm damn flattered- she told a lot about her broadcasting career, she talked with me, asked me questions, wished me luck for everything. But the most touching part was, when she asked about my age. And mumbled herself, 

"1992? That's cute."

Well. Here's the thing.

I've always liked being considered as an underdog.
I've always enjoyed when people think that I know nothing.
I've always felt secured when I have uplines, where I don't have to stand on my own.

But I know, it won't last any longer.
Soon I'll be hired by, I don't know, some agencies.
Soon title 'intern' will be kicked because I'll be a full time copywriter.

Oh God.

I'm drifting away even further from my childhood.
But on the other hand, I'm one step closer to my dreams.
I mean, I could easily be a voice actor because I'm so on that track.
Or, looking back to where I am now, I'm halfway being a true copywriter.

Yeah Lord.
I'm drifting away even further from my childhood.
But on the other hand, I'm one step closer to my dreams.
So should I feel excited, or sad?

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