Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tribal Voyage

I'm into traveling, so much.

Well compared to some friends who travels more frequent, I'm just a novice. But through all journeys I experienced, I have already felt the sensation of skillful travelers. And that was just priceless. Especially when I do that alone. I can be the person I've always been hiding at home.

But umm, that only works for international trips. To be honest, I have no interest at all exploring Indonesian spots because umm, I see no pride in doing that. Passport stamps and communicating in English while traveling, those are what boost me. Sounds jerk enough?

Yeah I agree. That kind of me is an ass.

I kept holding onto that value until someday, when one of my foreign friends asked me where to visit in Indonesia besides Jakarta and Bali, I remained silent and had no idea at all. I had no idea about my own country. That bugged me a lot. I really wanted to know more about Indonesia, but nothing seemed to be able to ignite me.

But now, just now, well, not that 'now' but yesterday, I sensed callings from

Batak and Toraja

On the left, is Lake Toba in Medan and on the right is Torajan tombs in Makassar.

Yesterday a friend of mine, who's a Bataknese, proudly posted a video of Medan's new international airport, the Kualanamu. The video hit me right in my heart. The dramatic scenes, the colossal atmosphere, the Indonesian-tasted music, I have to go there! I told myself.

I know, it makes me want to visit Medan NOT because of the local culture, but the international asset instead. But at least it makes me want to land on Sumatra. I won't just visit Medan and stay by the airport the whole trip anyway, right?

And I know myself. I can't lie by saying I want to learn their customs oh God that's just so not me. I can't be that fully ethnical in just one trip so, Medan, as one of some international cities Indonesia has, would be a marvelous choice for a starter.

Now about Toraja. Another friend of mine is traveling back to her homeland, Makassar. And with all social networks she has, she showed everybody the beauty of her city. What striked me much is when she visited the native villagers and saw with her on eyes, the mystical side of Toraja I've been dying to know about. Yeah, the walking dead.

I really want to proof it myself, if the body is really moving or not, or just so so moving but everyone seem to make a big deal out of it and add some magical garnish so people will be curious, or... Anything could possibly happen and I want to see that with my own eyeballs!

See talking about this excites me already. Can't imagine if I can really perform the trip, experience it with myself, and rupture everything I see, here in my blog. That could cost lots of posts.

I want it. I want to do what those girls do.
Showing people what my nation possesses.
But first, of course, I have to get to know her.
My treasured motherland


  1. great travel journey sharing experience, wish you all the best!

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)