Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Beast I Look Up To

So I watched Monsters University.

Before that, I was completely sure that this prequel would be fantastic for me, because, you know, I've always liked to see the past and the future of fictional characters. And yeah I liked the movie. A lot. 

Especially the young James P. Sullivan.

Applaud to the director.
Or the creator of the character.
Okay, to whoever create the young Sulley.

It's just so alive. I mean, Sulley in the university is so a jock. His posture, his attitude, his charm, his fame, his power, his slacker side and how he relied on his physical plus to attract everybody, those are all, so alive.

Everyone else in the movie is also lifelike. Like Mike with his nerd, obsessive side. And the Oozma Kappa fraternity that's just a bunch of losers, along with the preps, the goths, the cheerios... Felt like attending a real university.

But Sulley, ummm...
There's this reason why I like him the most.


It's because he can get along with the nerds. 

Seeing Mike ruled the team, dominate every single member of the frats, and Sulley -although on some level, he takes Mike for granted- obeys to him without any complaint, makes me adored. A jock like him, in real life, won't even bother noticing the presence of the nerds. It's something like, apparently, deep inside this fierce beast figure, Sulley's actually a good guy.

He brings me back to real life, where some certain people seriously cannot be judged from the outside. He also reminds me that in campus, I can actually befriend anyone else I expect.

It may sound too much, but if I were to go to one of American universities, and I happened to be one of those nerds, being bullied, ignored and stuff, I might eventually be energized just by watching the movie. It could simply be my confident booster.

For me, he's much more than just a cartoon character.
People might not see that but yaa, I look beyond visibility.
Maybe because now I'm a Sulli-fan

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