Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To Batten, Barton, Durstine, Osborn, and Their People

I knew BBDO for more than a year. I like the agency. It's big, it's worldwide, it's the most awarded one internationally and I'm sure, it's so prestigious to work for it.

Then I got to know it much deeper last year, when I was an intern at BCA. Met some cool people, learned how they worked, explored stories that subconsciously convincing me to try my luck there, met some cool people--oh. Have I mentioned that? Well because I did, meet some cool people.

Mas Haris
was the Creative Director. Came to BCA, presenting creative proposals. I adored him.

Mas Didit
was the Executive Creative Director. Never seen him working as an ECD but he was my lecturer at the campus tho, so, I happened to know how agency works. I adored him.

Mas Awal
was the Copywriter. The first real, agency-worked-for copywriter I ever shook hand with. I never knew how he worked but, since I never met anyone else with title "Senior Copywriter" written on his name card, I adored him already.

The three of them.

They were the reason why I shouted like a scoring dad when the HRD called me, telling that I was accepted as the copywriter intern. I finally got to see them. And some other cool people I've been stalking for since the previous year, and I've been dying to work with.

So June 17th I came to the office, but...
It was only Mas Haris who remained staying -and he's leaving soon.
I knew that Mas Didit had long gone even before I gave a fvck about the internship thingy.

But knowing that Mas Awal,
and those cool people I thought I'd be seeing in real life,
Had all resigned from the agency without me knowing because I stopped stalking...

Well I can't judge. I barely knew the rest of those people. I didn't even know well those people who left, so why should I feel down already? There must be reasons why BBDO turned to be my way. There must be reasons why I wasn't as happy as when I was accepted in BBDO, once Ogilvy called me for schedule-matching interview.

And it turned out to be real.

I got everything what I need in here. Experience, insights about agency, the professional world, the office intrigues, facts and gossips about THE other agencies -and it made me relieved that I wasn't called again, new friends, and the most important thing, of course, the experience of working as a true copywriter.

Thank you, BBDO.
With Mbak Oni, the senior copywriter.

Yes, this post is not yet ended.

On my second day of working there, I got an ID card of my own, proudly posted it in all social media I have, and stating something like "Ah, feels like hired. I hope this'll be permanent."

So thank God that wish didn't come true.
Thank God no one convinced me to stay and help a little longer.

Because now I realize,
I'm not ready yet

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