Friday, August 30, 2013

A Kiddy Trip

I went to Bali again.

I know, no matter how denial I am trying to get rid of the island,
Somehow there's always this big, strong calling, urges me to come back.

And I never had the same way of enjoying Bali in each of my trips.

This time, the theme would be


Went there with a group of mixed friends. Some from campus, some from high school, and some others I hadn't even known before. But umm, somehow, we could manage to get along well to each other and there were no awkward moment at all. Felt like we had been friends for a longer time.

So we did many stuff together. Less likely friends, more like a family, for me. 
I don't wanna talk about the destinations because it's just typical.
Though some places we visited were new to me.

Now the highlight of the trip was the togetherness I felt,
That made me felt like a total child again.

One of us took the role as the mother. A very painstaking mother. Another girl acted like the eldest sister, concerning about how we can survive. One boy came like a protective, let's-go-wherever-you-guys-want-to-go kind of brother. And one other girl is like a twin sister who's just the same dumb and innocent as I was, whom to me, committed to look after each other.

See along the trip, I subconsciously relied everything to them. I took granted about the financial stuff and let them count, I just okay-ed what they asked, I whined to be treated some snacks, I didn't get the chance to drive the car although I offered them to, I was lost and had them worried and looking.

Uncle Clint from USA
The kiddy-like experience wasn't all coming from my friends. But also when I met some strangers, talking about age and they were like you're 21? I thought you were 17!? and when I had a very long, interesting talk with a cool dad about many stuff, mainly about being youthful and ignorant, living your own path and give no fvck to nothing... Damn I wonder how he knew that this trip's theme was "A Kiddy Trip", he treated me like his boy and it was so nice I felt like one of his sons. Well yea those, seriously made me thinking twice about getting older.

Because I'm only good at being young.
Because presence of mature people make me alive.

I'm pampered.
Pampered and scared.
An underdog, acted like a kid.

Blame on you guys, I'm one step further to becoming a mature man.

Well I have no idea whether I should be happy about this or not.
But the trip, without no doubt, made me happy and again, all spoiled.

Now guys, you seven people on my trip, you do know
Who pampered us the most, right? :)


  1. "you do know who pampered us the most, right?"

    RUMAH!!! :)

    1. OMG ini siapa??? Haha baru ngeh kalo ada komen di postingan ini. And yes, the answer is RUMAH and I miss RUMAH and I miss YOU and I miss EVERYBODY!!!